"I Like" Thursdays, Jan. 12


Last night my granddaughter and SIL helped me take down my Chrstmas decorations.  When I got up this morning, well closer to noon, the place seemed so bare.  Then I received LeAnna’s blog and thought, “What is left here for me to like?”   I glanced at the,window and I could not help but see the light shining through the turquoise vase I bought at a recent estate sale.  

It was sitting on the floor near the window, so I snapped a photo with my iPad.  What else is in the photo?  It has some amazing twists and turnings, obviously a support for something.

Now you can see the entire structure of beautiful turned spindles and curving legs.  Looks like there is a shelf above that.  What is on the shelf?

Two of my favorite pottery pieces.  The smaller one was stashed there just for convenience during the decorating.  It’s mid century modern style, so simple but with that surprising tilt of the opening.  The larger one I bought to use as a salad bowl, but it is too heavy for me to lift easily, so I just put it where I can see and enjoy it.  I like the contrast between them.  
Let’s back up now so you can see the entire picture.

This is one of my earliest antique acquisitions.  When my darling and I were engaged we bought a small house a few months before our wedding.  An old couple were moving into a retirement center.  When the wife took us to see the garage this table was sitting there in the dust.  I told her how much I like it.  She said that if we liked it we could have it for free.
This table dates from around the Civil War period.  The top has some water stains, and another, not water, added by one of Chris’s cats.  But I love all the turnings, especially the little pendant ones hanging off the drawer edges. It has served us well for over 50 years, including my little Christmas tree.  I have to decide what to put there next.  
Isn’t it interesting how much we can see to appreciate if we take the time to look in just one spot?
I hope you keep your eyes open to what is right around you this week, as I will try to do.
Check Leeanna’s blog, Not Afraid Of Color  , for more lovely things folks share on “I Like”  Thursdays.

3 thoughts on “"I Like" Thursdays, Jan. 12

  1. Paula, your post was fun to read with the way you gave us a bit of the picture at first, and then a bit more, and a bit more! What a beautiful little table, and the pottery bowls, too! I went on a field trip to the Denver Art Museum with my son's class once where they had a scavenger hunt like that for the kids to do. You saw a little bit of the exhibit in a photo, and the kids had to try and find that exhibit. It was a fun way to explore the art museum!


  2. I love that blue vase and the blue and green pottery. Although my medium is quilts/fiber, my mom is a professional potter and I've recently found myself really inspired by much more dimensional work including ceramics and pottery. Thanks so much for sharing!


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