RSC17 week 1


Angela asked us if we would show some of our rainbow quilts this week.  In 2015, the first year I took part in Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I completed the flimsy for a balloon block quilt.  The frames for each block were made in the color of the month.  I have not got the backing finished yet.  It’s still a WIP.

My granddaughter’s 14th birthday was that July and she loved the Beattles and rainbows. So I rushed to get a quilt done for the birthday.  This is a rainbow zigzag design, which used lots of my Jellyroll scraps.  It was basically a rail fence pattern, very easy.  The back is bright yellow, her favorite color.
Here she is showing it at our Monona Quilters meeting.
It went perfectly in her room with yellow walls and Beattles pillow.

This past year Angela gave us two colors to combine each month.  I chose to make the Twinkler star block in the combined colors.  It is still a flimsy, but I love it hanging on my bedroom wall.

Those are the three quilts which are strictly RSC rainbow quilts.  The rest of them are still in the WIPs stage or were mostly Project Linus quilts for charity.
This year I have a couple of rainbow plans in mind. I will have something to show next week in purple.  Hope you all have fun with Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year.
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24 thoughts on “RSC17 week 1

  1. Paula, I had never seen your Beatles Rainbow Rail Fence quilt before, and I adore it!! And those Twinkler Stars are great – you must back it now. Doing the twinkler stars last year in January was a first for me, and I would love to do a quilt of them, too. You are joining us again this year, right??? xo


  2. 3 very colourful quilts your granddaughter looks very much at home on her quilt. I have signed up to take part this year must decide what block to do thinking maybe churn dash no hurry as have not got the purples to make a block yet, hoping to find a bundle of fat quarters


  3. Lovely rainbow quilts. I really like your balloon blocks. I wonder how the block would look if I used a string block for the center? I might have to give it a try.


  4. Those stars are wonderful and what a great rail fence! She looks so happy with it on her bed. I can't wait to see that balloon quilt finished – so darn pretty. Thanks for sharing.


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