En Provence link-up 5


Completed my 32 HSTs in no time.  I used the Magic Eight method, seen in Blossom Heart Quilts and on Gogle, which is the easiest for me.  I tried cutting from strips but it was too slippery with the Easy Angle Ruler.  To mark my large squares for stitching and cutting, I lay the top fabric on sandpaper, so no slipping.  After stitching the whole large block I press it flat before cutting the pieces apart.  I trim them to size before pressing them open, so only one edge needs trimming.  Then I press them open.  I hope this may help those of you who may be all thumbs or shaky like me.

Here are samples of my Parts 3 and 4.  Please pardon the lighting, done late at night. 

I’m feeing more on top of things now.  I hope you are all coming along nicely as well.
Linking up with Bonnie Hunter at    Quiltville’s Quips and Snips   

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