RSC week 52!


It’s not quite the end of year.  For some reson there is still one more Rainbow Scrap Challenge 

 Saturday left.  This year has been so full of interesting quilt things happening, but I am too busy now to look back yet.
I’m rushing to finish Sarah’s gift quilt, but a strange thing happened.  I had finished the top, but when I tried to cuddle under it, it was too small, and Sarah has not yet finished growing.  I have all the measurements down for the front and back to match, but I decided to make it bigger a few days ago.  Since it is all print and solid charm squares it was easy to do,a row at a time, blending the colors as I went.  Two days ago it looked like this.

I had added two more rows at the top in this photo.  My plan was for one more at the top and three  more lengthwise.  I have done the three top rows, but decided to stop with two more side rows.  This hallway photo would not hold the entire quilt top if I continued.  Running out of charms is not a problem.  I’ve been collecting them for years and I don’t even have a bracelet.  I’m going to add a row on the backing, which should make the two equal.

Here is the start of the backing layout way back when.  It’s undergone a lot of changes in size and placement. But you get the general idea.

I think Sarah will receive two gifts, one flimsy and one backing, but no batting or quilting.  The more I’ve worked on it the more I enjoy it. By the time it is finished it should be filled with love.

I’ve also tried to work on my half-size En Provence blocks, but nothing to show today.  

I did find this fuzzy friend at a sale the other day.  The charming 100-year-old lady had died peacefully in her sleep after a very active life.  

I just had to have this little duck, whose tag says Squeeze me.  He then shouts Aflac, AFLAC, AAAFLAAC! 
So blessings to all of you for happy holidays and making good memories.

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