En Provence linkup 3


I know it’s half English and half French, but it say it all.  Late last night I finished my 110 neutral 4-patch blocks.  Here they are in all their non glory.  I,had to put them on something bright so you could at least see the size of the pile.

My pieces for part two have been cut and are waiting for piecing until my regular machine gets home, which will be on THURSDAY!  Apparently it will be better than new and at a very reasonable price.  This old machine has begun squeaking in protest, but that problem will have to be up to the new owner.
This is the start I have made on the beautiful purples.  

I inherited some beautiful purples foe some unknown soul and am very grateful.  Can’t wait to finish the 84 blocks for part three.
I hope all of you are doing well on your mystery blocks.  My only problem is that Friday comes too soon. Or is Monday the pressure day?  I am learning to deal with the pressure by just plowing along.  
Even though I’m from New England I must say “See y’all next week.”  
Linking up with Bonnie Hunter at   Quiltville’s Quips and Snips   

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