I Like Thursday

I love Christmas decorations, especially old one.  My little table tree has lots of prestrung lights and many old family ornaments, ones made in Germany.

When I was little there was an old bell with a clapper that I would ring every night and say, “Good night, Christmas tree.”   For my two children I started to collect more of,the ringing bells in thrift shops.  Now I have about a dozen on the tree. 
I started collecting ornaments on my travels.  It began with a painted tin chili pepper from Phoenix. I added a Space Needle, an astronaut from Cape Kennedy, and many more that bring back wonderful memories every year.
Beneath the tree are the heavier ornaments.

Do any of you remember the little candle Santa and angel, or the little house covered with snow?  The golden bell is one of the ringing ones.
Here are a couple of San Francisco cable cars,more angel candles .  Hanging from the tree is an angel in a red robe, sent to me from Germany when my aunt was there.

I have another very special Christmas collection, which I will share next week when I can get better photos.  I hope these have brought back happy memories for you. 
Check Leeanna’s blog, Not Afraid Of Color , for more lovely things folks share.

One thought on “I Like Thursday

  1. you certain;y have some pretty pieces here and lots pof memories too. I have to own up to not doing much I will get my nativity scene and my hardanger angel out but do not other with all the other pictures etc I have made over the years, I am going to se if the girls want any of them and if not send them for the hospice Christmas fair


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