Thursday "l Like" 12/1/16

When LeeAnna at   Not Afraid Of Color   started this a few weeks ago I began watching and thinking about how I could share, not being a techie person.  She said to email her about my post, so I hope you don’t miss seeing it, or go back to this post.

One of my lifelong favorite things has been colored glass.  Any kind will do from a blue beer bottle to beach glass tumbled by the waves.  I’ve collected some over the years as part of my history of American glass collection.  Some of that I’ve given away to my daughter, mainly the ruby red kind, her favorite?  I’m now at the giving rather than the collecting stage of my life.
Here is part of my six-foot collection behind my kitchen sink.  I took this before we removed them to make room for my Bethlehem village, another like for December.

It’s an ideal spot because the light shines through from either side, as it does from the living room window.  It’s a mix of the beer bottle, an amythst bulb sprouted, a cobalt blue,hen on a nest and my favorite, the red and yellow footed dish.
The beer bottle came from my son.  He emptied it and I said “Dont you dare throw that away.  Save me all that you can.”  
My bathroom decor is pastels with colored glass pieces and everything with an iris theme because I used to raise and breed irises.  How many can you find in this photo?

One of my favorite glass pieces is this dish on my antique marble top table.  The engraved block is from a very dear friend.  Both mean a lot to me.

That is about one-third of my colored glass collection.  Maybe having them around is why I’m always drawn to bright colors in my fabrics.  Color and the play of light on and through it gives my life real pleasure.  
I hope you will join me in sharing your likes along with LeeAnna on Thursdays.  Just email her that you have something to share and she will add your website to her weekly list.  Thanks, LeeAnna.

4 thoughts on “Thursday "l Like" 12/1/16

  1. Paula, I am drawn to glass as well! I used to collect antique perfume bottles (all sizes, shapes and colors) especially the cut glass ones that sparkle like crazy! I really enjoyed this post! It is fun learning other facets of a fellow quilters life.


  2. I count 5
    Glass is awesome. The blue of your favorite bowl is so deep. I like the comment above because that's why I want to do this kind of post. To see each other a new way. LeeAnna


  3. Another glass fan, and I especially love beach glass, although we don't find any here in Australia, but I have a nice little collection from visits to my daughter in Ohio. I've only just started following LeeAnna's 'Thursday Likes' but agree with the other comments….it's so good to see other dimensions of quilters.


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