RSC 16 week 47

This has been a week of unusual events and some nice surprises.  First of all, I linked up with A Trunkful of Quilts at WHIMS AND FANCIES and have met some talented quilters showing off their favorite pieces in this online trunk show.  You can still link up for yourself.
Second, my sewing machine has been in need of an overhaul for far longer than I will admit.  With the BOMs done for now this is a good time to be without it.  I’ve made arrangements for the servicing and have been pushing to get some flimsies done before then.
Today I finally finished a WIP waiting since July.  My granddaughter and her visiting French friend came by to visit then, and I handed them two charm packs plus extras so they could lay them out on the floor.  They had fun and it looked good.  We put the blocks in order and I tucked them away.  Of course, other projects got in the way.  So here is the top, finished and photographed a few hours ago. No plans for this yet.
  I showed the top to a quilting friend.  She had good news also.  She had been given a free machine in a cabinet.  It is a 1961 Kenmore.  She offered to lend it to me when I need it.  It will be a blast from the past, because my first machine was a 1964 Kenmore bought the year I got married.  In fact, I secretly made my husband pajamas for our first Christmas because he had none.  He wore them once, then informed me that he always slept in his underwear.  The new bride had a lot to learn! 
Last week I asked my quilting friends to help me choose from two setting for my 16-patch quilt.
With black sashing and black border:  

No sashing, but a bright yellow border:  

We decided on the second, which is more childlike rather than the black, which is lovely but more like stained glass.  Maybe the next one will be stained glass, an effect I just love.
In short, this week I finished a colorful flimsie, choose the direction for my 16-patch and also God provided me with a spare machine just when I need it.  A very good week!
I wish you all in the USA a  very blessed Thanksgiving Day, and blessings on all my other dear friends.
For more ideas, check out these link sites:
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

14 thoughts on “RSC 16 week 47

  1. it may be childlike but I like the yellow better with your blocks. They call out for brights! So happy it is now! You know Paula this could be an i like post with all the good news


  2. I agree with Deb – I think you need to make one for you with the black sashing. So happy the machine is available when you needed it. I'll have to go check out your trunk show! I am slowly working my way through the links.


  3. I love your 16-patches with the yellow border. So bright and happy! Also, how thrilling for you to get a loaner Kenmore. My first machine was a 1974 Kenmore (a wedding present), and it is still my primary backup when my (“Bernadette”) Bernina makes her annual trip to the spa. Kens are just reliable old workhorses, aren’t they?


  4. Just like everyone else, I like the yellow border, too! It's so nice to have a machine you can borrow while your main one is at the spa! I put off taking mine for a long time, and then finally did earlier this fall, and I was so glad I got it all oiled and tuned up. It made such a difference! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Paula!


  5. the charm packs have worked well and the 16 patch block quilt looks great both with the balck and the yellow, so often I use these colours for sashings etc but the yellow works better for a child quilt. What fun you will have with the kenmore presume it is electric and not hand or treddle!


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