RSC16 week 43


The small quilt that has given me the most headaches and frustration this year is finally a completed flimsy.  I am going to hang it on my wall and enjoy it as is.  After all, the goal of making it was to enjoy it, and I LOVE it.
The border fabric was just there waiting for me, a half yard of sparkling night stars.  It was down in the bottom of a drawer and almost got overlooked.  Thank the Lord, He provided the exact amount I needed for this 4-inch wide border.  This width really balances the rest of the piece, any narrower would have been less effective.

The total size will be about 36″ finished.  I’m not even thinking about backing and binding.
In fact, my machine is in dire need of an overhaul and repair job.  A friend has told me about a gentleman who does his own repairs aside from his regular work and she has seen what good  work he does.  This next month or so I could get along without it, perhaps borrow one from my daughter.  A good chance to practice my fusing techniques as well.  Then I’ll be ready for the new RSC17 year.
My next little quilt of the week is probably the oldest by far.

This doll quilt is 14 inches square.  It has no batting, just one piece of a medium brown small print for backing.
I don’t remember where I got it, possibly at an atique show years ago.  By then I had been studying old quilts for a long time and recognized how precious it was.
  It has many places where the fabric has rotted away, mainly in the pale pink pieces and some brown ones.  There is no green, just some greenish blue pieces with little figures printed.
  All of the prints are small, nothing larger, elegant or stylish.  Most likely it was made by a mother without means, but a love for her little girl, sometime in the mid-19th century. 
 Its fragile state today makes me glad I was able to give it a good home.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing this little treasure of mine.  
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17 thoughts on “RSC16 week 43

  1. Your Twinkle Star project turned out beautifully! The doll quilt is precious, thanks for sharing it. It's obvious it was made with love and used in the same way.


  2. the tinkkle stars looks so good and the blue border just perfect. Plan ti ahve a go at mmaking one of these blocks. So good that the antique quilt is being treasured such a shame some of the fabric has worn out.


  3. What a perfect border fabric you've chosen! Your twinkler top is just stunning!
    I love your sweet little quilt, and enjoyed seeing the closeups of the fabrics. I wonder if mama stitched it, or if a daughter practiced her sewing skills while sitting next to mama, both happily stitching together…


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