RSC16 week 42


When I started to think about a tenth and final Twinkler block for October, I realized I did not need one. My simple format was just the blocks and a border, for a wall hanging.  I have the nine blocks already for a 3 by 3 setting.  Here’s how they look on the design  floor.

I’m very happy with this arrangement and have even found the exact amount needed for a perfect border.  
I also completed my tenth 16-patch block at 8 inches finished.  The fall colors were a joy to work with, especially because the trees are turning color quickly now.


The darker colors represent the large amount of rainfall we’ve had, usually coming with lots of lightening and thunder.  It’s a good way to end this RSC16 collection.  
I still have my last improv block to finish, also the same size.  It’s going to take some experimenting with layouts, whether to use them separate or together. I’m just now thinking of perhaps alternating bright solids, which I’ve been collecting  (splurging on) lately.  I’ll be taking lots of photos of the design process along the way.
Going back in time there was a little girl……
And a sweet petite doll quilt, sitting just where the little girl left it on her antique chair.  Her mama said the chair was her grandma’s when she was a little girl during the Civil War.  So off she went to find her dolly to wrap it up nice and warm.  The dolly was made by her father out of a clothespin, so this tiny 6-inch quilt is just the right size for her.  The little squares are 5/8 ” each.  It is hand pieced and quilted.  The backing is some sturdy upholstery fabric, probably no need for batting.  The fabrics would seem to date it in the 1930’s.
 I am enjoying sharing these special old quilts with all of you.  I hope you like them because I have quite a few more.
Happy October, everyone.  I hope you will check out these wonderful links to see what fine work everyone is doing.
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

15 thoughts on “RSC16 week 42

  1. Paula, I love your Twinkler wall hanging! I've considered making more of those blocks too. In fact, if Angela hadn't mentioned the October RSC Sampler lock was coming soon, I was going to do my October row in Twinklers!!


  2. Your twinkler stars are so pretty – and I love the story about your lovely vintage doll's quilt. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments.
    Jenny from New Zealand


  3. Love your Twinkler quilt. It is lovely! Also enjoyed hearing about the clothespin doll and the doll quilt. Makes me think about how much toys have changed over the years…from a doll crafted from a clothespin to dollies that eat and drink and wet their diapers.


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