RSC16 week 41


The yellow and orange Rainbow Scrap Challenge fall colors are fun to work with this month.  For the Modern HST Sampler this week I chose to do an alternate 12-inch block called Frolic, taken from Patchwork Square web site, which I used for my last Modern HST Sampler block.  The diagram shows a blank center spot, which I filled with the perfect fall leaf fabric, so I call it Fall Frolic.

Just looking at this block makes me feel so happy, remembering my father raking up piles of leaves for us to jump in, and then baking potatoes in the burning pile.  
My October boat is a sturdy one with a really solid-looking keel.  It can take being tossed around by a hurricane.  My uncle always rode out storms on his boat so it would not crash into a dock or be blown ashore.  He never lost any of his boats.

Here is another of my antique small quilts, probably made about the 1870’s to 1890’s.  It is sturdy and in good condition.  The outer border is a four-color print of a paisley type.  It could have been used for a hot pad.

Tonight we are going to finally have weater in the forties, which should bring out the leaf colors at last.
May all of you have good quilting time this week and perhaps meet a goal or two.  I will be linking up at the following blogs.  Please join me to see all the excellent quilt projects.
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19 thoughts on “RSC16 week 41

  1. frolic is a really cool block. Like! Even more I like the personal stories you shared… took me to a place where I could hear kids squealing, running around safe while parent raked, crisp air. Amazing that your uncle survived the rough seas. Watching the rough ocean recently reminded me of the power of water and I moved back a bit!


  2. That's a beautiful block, especially in the colors you've chosen for it! Perfect for fall.
    And the wee quilt is adorable!
    I love your boat, too. That print for the hull is really appealing – it reminds me of the last pan of cinnamon rolls, where you've really crowded them in because there aren't enough for two batches even though there are too many for one. 8)


  3. No Fall (Autumn) weather down here in New Zealand. It's Spring, and I enjoyed sitting outside this morning at the picnic table with a cup of coffee and a quilt magazine! In between finishing off a cushion for my grand-daughter, and doing the ironing.
    Lovely colours in your blocks.


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