Bloggers Quilt Festival 2016


This wall hanging, 12 inches on each side of the octagon, was made for a challenge to use the purple and blue geometric print provided.  It was awarded first place in Best Use of Fabric at our local quilt show.  It is entirely my own design, dividing it into eight segments and piecing them as I moved outward.

It’s the story of the little man in the center, who is coming out of his isolation and is ready to step out and explore the world.  The first area is bright and full of ideas, art, music and writing, any type of creativity.

Beyond that is the world of living things, plants and animals.  Beyond that is the vastness of space with comets, stars and other worlds.   
I free motion quilted it entirely with metallic thread.  That was my first attempt and was not at all easy, but it did get finished.  I used different freehand motifs like swirls in the sky, and leaf and feather motifs in the live plant areas, just improvising in each segment.
     It certainly was a challenge and remains on of my favorite quilts.
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