RSC 16 week 38


“My Baby’s Gone and Left Me”

Back in the 1980’s I tried lots of different quilting techniques.  Paper piecing had become very popular and one of our guild members in the Seattle area started manufacturing the precut pieces, a real step forward in English paper piecing.  This quilt was my only finished example of that work.
My daughter started college that year, so that was the inspiration for this picture of a child’s wood blocks scattered on the floor when she left. I found this piece of striped fabric for a color basis and appliquéd the blocks.  Then I hand quilted the vertical stripes and added lines for the block shadows.
The name seemed so appropriate and it has hung in my home ever since.  The only time she truly left us was to Ivory Coast, Africa for three months of volunteer nursing on board the Mrecy Ship.
We now live only a mile apart, but she has traveled much of the world in the past years.

The second significant quilt for me was my first Project Linus quilt.  I had joined the Monona Quilters group and was eager to take part in their biannual charity quilt collection.  

This Rail Fence was super easy with my new stash of jelly rolls.  I used a colorful fleece blanket. 50 X 60 inches, for backing.  I tied it, which was a mistake with fleece.  It fights back when you try to push that needle through.  But no batting was needed and the fleece was very inexpensive.  On the next one I used machine tacking, so much easier and no pliers needed!

Here is my latest block for Modern HST Sampler, Cross Angle, done in rose for RSC16.

I did not like the white center block it called for. So once again I searched for something more colorful.  I found the floral scrap stuffed in the bottom of a drawer.  It saved the day for me.  Once I get an idea of what I want I hang in there until I find a way to do it.  However, I’m not as persistent when it comes to perfect seams and matching corners.  It has to be fun and not work.  Don’t you agree?  Have a fun week! 

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10 thoughts on “RSC 16 week 38

  1. Oh Paula, your story touched my heart. The quilt is lovely too, the blocks really stand out and I do like the colour combination.
    I wouldn't have put white in the centre of Cross Angle either, the centre you chose is much better, pretty flowers.


  2. I started quilting the year my oldest son went to college. It definitely helped me through that transition! I enjoyed seeing your early quilts – and I especially like that creative quilting you did on the blocks quilt! I think your HST block looks great – the center piece is perfect!


  3. A great memory! My daughter had a baby block quilt my cousin made her from red, green, and white fabrics. It was what she had, all she could afford.(said I probably thought I gave birth to a Christmas tree) She used it and loved it and wore it out!


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