RSC16 week 35


It’s so nice to be able to breathe fresh air and feel a bit of a cool breeze now and then.  All you eager quilters are working on Christmas projects, but not me.  I feel a lull in my spirit and am waiting for September..
So I wound down on my purple completely.  My last block for the month was my improv and I decided go for black and white, but two bits of color did slip in there; however, they did feel right.  

Actually, the pointed bits of blue and black were from a piece that showed up in my scraps and I knew it would find a place someday.  I used just half of the width here, because my block size is limited to 8-1/2 inches.  The other half will have to wait, but I hate to part with all of this fine bit of piecing that some talented person made.
My second block this month for Modern HST Sampler was the Whirligig, 12-1/2 inches.  When I laid out some of my blocks, one did not seem to have a mate to help it blend in for a sampler.  It’s my beachy cabana block from June. 

So  I gave it a bright companion in Whirligig colors and now they make me happy, one last bit of summer.  It reminds me of carnival rides and parades.
Finally, my group of 16-patch blocks at the halfway point:

I have been stocking up on more sale fabrics, mainly solids, which will never go out of style; at least that’s what I tell myself.  So that’s all for now, friends.  See you in September.
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11 thoughts on “RSC16 week 35

  1. You said it perfectly; a lull in spirit. I am feeling it too. Summer is winding down and the high energy of fall (heading into the Holidays) has yet to kick in.Thankfully. But come September, with our new RSC color, I expect we will join the high energy quilters. Lovely, lovely block collections, Paula!!


  2. We're still in the height of summer heat, so the lull I'm feeling is the humidity. But yes, the trees are throwing off leaves in preparation for fall. I love your cabana colors in any case!


  3. Paula, your blocks are all kinds of scrappy goodness! I loved that black and white fabric in the first one that looks like needles and thread! Your HST blocks are looking great, and they definitely are very summery and fun! I think I love the 16 patches best of all – the mix of colors is so pretty together in your blocks.


  4. Cute blocks! I am also done with purple, especially the grayer tones. I'm jealous of your fall feeling–it's still 92 right now! School may be starting, but no one told the weather! 🙂


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