Pets On Quilts 2016


This black and white female cat was my son’s pet who was found in an old barn near Seattle.  My son, Chris, took her home and loved her for some 17 years.  She was small and gentle, a good match for Chris, who was a big and gentle guy.  

In 2007 we moved to Wisconsin to be near our daughter and her family.  Later Chris moved to join us, driving with Popper for five snowy days over mountain passes and blizzards in his small truck.  Popper had to move in with me and my husband because Chris could not  keep her.  Roger passed away in 2010 and Popper kept me company with frequent visits from Chris, as above.
Over the next few years Chris’s health got worse and a year ago in April he passed away.  Popper also left me the following week.  I still seem to see her out of the corner of my eye.
Popper had her own chair right beside my recliner, with a great view of the comings and goings outside.

She loved to go out on my second floor deck.  She was much too wise to consider jumping and loved to lie on the warm floorboards in the summer.

Popper would watch the birds land on the railing but, being older, usually decided that the chase was not worthwhile and they often perched above her without a glance from her.
I have collected old quilts for years, so Popper always took every chance to curl up on the softest spot around.  I think she was also able to smell their years of history and perhaps other cats. Here she is exploring a thrift shop purchase for any good scents.  

Popper had her sly and mischievous side too.  One day I was looking at some new fabric buys and left them on the recliner for a minute.  I did not see Popper perched above them.

I heard a loud thump and turned to find this on the floor.

There went the culprit slinking away without a backward glance.  “Who, me?”

Popper loved to be petted and cuddled.  She had the softest coat I’ve ever felt on a cat, just like rabbit fur.  I will always  remember her in Chris’s lap as he lovingly brushed and smoothed her silky coat.  

I’m thrilled to have this wonderful Pets On Quilts Linky party to share my memories of sweet Popper.  She is entered in the CAT ON QUILT category at
Lily Pad Quilting>
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18 thoughts on “Pets On Quilts 2016

  1. And although they have left, your memories tell me that Popper, Chris and Roger are with you in your heart and mind.Beautiful story so full of love. Sometimes the best cats of all come from a barn or under a hedge.


  2. Thank you for sharing your tender memories. When you said that Popper's fur was as soft as rabbit fur, it reminded me of one of our dear cats, gone for many years–such a perfectly descriptive phrase. Thank you for bringing back happy times by opening your heart to us.


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