RSC16 week 29


This was a productive week for me, trying to get my commitments done.  My OMG goal for July is to finish my pair of Pinwheel Quilts, which were just flimsies about 42 inches square.  As of today I can report I have finished the quilting and have only the dreaded binding left.  My arms got a workout doing those twisting rows and straight ones were easier.  
Here is my progress on the Modern HST Sampler called Turnstile.  It consists of many smaller HSTs and lots of white, too much for my liking.  I’m torn between two different background colors and could use your input.  It is a modern series, but lately I’ve been using more foliage for the greens.
 Number One is modern:

I know the black is a strong contrast, but it makes a statement ( what it says is whatever you think, like Wake Up!, or just Yuck, I hate it! )  
Number Two is definitely traditional:

The light is not great  but it is a pink floral on white.  It’s stretching my limit of what is modern, but it would blend better with other blocks.
My ROSY Twinkler is one I’m very happy with summer at its best.  I just love it.

I’m joining another project, Melody Larson’s Focus on Fusing, which is just starting and I’m waiting for a fabric order to arrive so I can get going on learning her methods.
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