Brave Quilter Challenge, June

I took this challenge to learn how to appliqué circles which represent balloons.  I completed the Balloon quilt for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 15.   Here is the completed flimsie, December 2015

For the back I have yardage of a lovely turquoise shade and I want to have balloons being set free and ascending up, up and away.
I’ve never really done appliqué and have been afraid to try it, but the backing is sitting there waiting.  This month I read on some blogs about Lara Bucella!s brand new book Crafted Appliqué.  I don’t do hand stitching any more and this seemed like an answer to prayer.  
  At the same time I read about the Brave Quiter challenge for June at Pink Doxies and decided to enter to give me an incentive to complete this quilt back.  I ordered the book from Amazon and bought Mod Podge for fabric and some foam brushes at Hobby Lobby.  Yesterday I found a scrap of fabric to work with.  Here is my layout.

It was easy to apply the Mod Podge and smooth it out.  After drying, I cut out the circles of various sizes to test my luck with different stitches.

The results are very unimpressive.  But I did try the single stitch, the worst one, and the satin stitch possibly passable with practice.  I think the chicken tracks, or whatever they are, turned out the best.  It was the easiest to turn and hid glitches better.  The glue held the circles in place, however the edges came loose in a few places.  I pressed them again as recommended and that was an improvement.  No fabric was scorched in this test.
So I completed my goal to see if I could do the appliqué and that was a great incentive.  Big thanks to you, Julie.

4 thoughts on “Brave Quilter Challenge, June

  1. Applique is not high on my list of 'Love to Do's' so listing this as your #BraveQuilter project resonated with me. I will say that I find doing circles the hardest of all, and might you consider some square balloons? : )
    My secret weapon for applique is Aurifil's Invisible Thread and a hem stitch of sorts in my decorative stitches. If I absolutely have to do circles AND keep them neat, I draw my circle, cut it out, and baste about 3/8″ inside it. Then I put it over a cereal box circle cut the size I need, and pull up the basting threads. Press and starch well, and machine stitch with the invisible thread. Serious cheating, but job done.

    I know the ModPodge process works well for many people, but I haven't experimented with it too much myself. I have used Fabric Mod Podge and found it has worked well with fabric in general. It's interesting to hear your take on it, and your honesty is much appreciated about your own experience. Thank you.

    This link up isn't about perfection, or anyone judging us on a fabulous accomplishment. It's about pushing ourselves outside our personal comfort zones, and you get a standing ovation from me. Kudos to you for your bravery!


  2. the balloon quilt is lovely and so colouful, went on line as modpodge is new to me and see it is just PVA glue with added water. Like you I have not done applique I would want to do needle turned if I tried it but that looks so fiddly. Lots of projects suggest using bondaweb and then machining it one ironed on maybe one fay I will have a go


  3. Tour quilt is so lovely Paula. I have Lara's book but I haven't used the process yet, although I have discovered I can get the stuff from Amazon UK. I have done a fair bit of appliqué, mostly by needle turn or with heat n bond a hand buttonhole stitch (yes, it took forever). More recently I have used machine buttonhole stitch, I find by using an open toe foot I get a good view, my other tip is to go very, v e r y, s l o w. And practice. Julie's method for circles works well too.


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