RSC16 week 27


I must have had some subliminal message, because my slab block done this week is a combination of the colors for June and July.

Perhaps I should switch this block category from slab block to improv block because the way I work them has become a more lengthy and thoughtful process.  My limits are the 8.5 inch size and the RSC16 colors, but I sort of work on developing a theme for each one.  Here I started with the large flower, which quickly shifted off center.  To balance it I added the pink building with some flowers and more floral fabrics.  The top left piece was cut from a piece of ruby chard stalks to represent tree branches.  Now I think of it as a little neighborhood flower shop.

Here is the group of six improv blocks for RSC16 so far.

The main project for this week was to get my pair of Pinwheel quilts pinned and ready to quilt.  I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 45 inches of 90-inch Warm and White, my favorite batting for light weight and it does not require close quilting, a limit of 10 inches.  I bought it at 40% off, of course, and cut it in two.  So each 45-inch square came to about four dollars.  After trimming the fabric even, there was enough overhang for backing and flimsies.  Here are the two similar quilts ready to go under my walking foot.

I want to thank my friend Janice for help with the pinning.  I had a fun time today with my granddaughter Sarah and her friend Ilena from France, who helped with the photos and were the highlight of my day.
I’m working on a challenge project for Brave Quilters which will be turned in by the deadline this weekend.  I wish all of you a happy weekend and fun quilting.  I link up with RSC16 at    

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