RSC16 week 26


It’s summer already and half way through the year for many quilt projects, but for Rainbow Scrap Challenge it’s less than that for block making.  Some of you friends have amazed me with the amount of work you’ve accomplished.  I’m not in that category, but it’s not a race, is it?  
My latest block for the Modern HST Sampler at Blossom Heart Quilts is done in the teals and lime.  In fact, the block’s title is Rock Pools, so I reversed the suggested color scheme and made all the light backgrounds dark and the small dark highlights became light and bright in my watery version.  To me it speaks of cool water in a shady creek with the bubbling sound of the ripples over the rocks.  What better place to spend a hot summer day!

I’ve also made significant progress on my pair of Pinwheel Row quilts.  I finished the back of this one using strips and remainders from the front fabrics.  Here they are folded in half lengthwise.

The second one will be ready to show next week and I also have the batting purchased, after a fun visit to Hobby Lobby.  
While sorting through some very old quilt projects I was surprised to find four blocks done with curved piecing.  I recognize my fabrics from 20 years ago, but I have no memory of making these blocks.  I had no idea I had even attempted curves.  Guess I was fearless way back when.

I arranged these pieces until I decided this was the best format.  I’m calling it Spinning Curves and will have to let it percolate in my brain awhile to see what comes next.
I’m looking forward to July, but not for the heat.  I have a week to go to work on my Brave Quilter challenge for June, run by Pink Doxies, and finish my slab block.  By the way, did you notice that all my photos this week include teal and lime?    
Have a fun week and check out Rainbow Scrap Challenge at soscrappy    and Sew Cute Tuesday at  Blossom Heart Quilts 

8 thoughts on “RSC16 week 26

  1. It isn't a race at all. Quilting is nice enough to let us all create at our own pace. Those curves surely are brave. Isn't it funny that we can make something and then not remember it. I'm sure I'll remember every detail each time I put a project on hold, but it never works out quite that way.


  2. Oh yes, you hit the nail on the head with your Modern HST block – good job! I'm afraid one of these days I'm also going to come across a UFO from back in the day that I won't remember making!


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