RSC16 week 24


I grew up in Rhode Island where salt water was the defining element of summer.  When I was just a toddler my father took me into the shallow bay waters where I loved spashing and paddling around him.  Later on I went to the ocean beaches near my relatives’ homes.  I learned how to dive through the breakers and float on the calm surface father out. I took my share of tumbles of course, but I would spend hours in the water. No sunning on the sand for me.  I went sailing on my uncle’s 30 to 40-foot boats, the happiest place on earth for me.
When I moved to the West Coast after college I loved the beauty of the long deserted beaches, tall cliffs and tide pools teeming with sea creatures.  Collecting shells and driftwood was a new hobby.
So this month’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors bring to mind all those happy moments.  Here is my fleet of 6-inch one-masted sloop blocks like Uncle Charlie’s succession of them.

The Modern HST Sampler block this week makes me think of warm Florida waters and beach umbrellas.

Here is my 16-patch block for the month, aqua and lime tones like cool drinks at a seaside restaurant.

 Don’t know how the fox got in there so close to the henhouse, probably while we were watching the fireworks.
Recently I’ve ordered some very fun charm packs and lovely solids, which will make a very easy leader/ender Project Linus quilt.

That looks like enough color for this week.  I hope all of you have a good time playing with your colors this week.  I link up with RSC16 at   soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts

12 thoughts on “RSC16 week 24

  1. sounds like an idyllic childhood, I own up to not being able to swim, was taught at school but I did not seem to move but slowly sank!

    Blossom Hearts block looks good I avoid strips but you have got the perfectly straight. A lovely selection of charm fabrics too


  2. I just love your little boat blocks. And your charm block leader/endear project is a great idea; something I can adapt to my own stash!! What a great post!


  3. I grew up in Kansas – and never even saw the ocean until I was 13! My boating experience only involved fishing off a pontoon boat, or tipping over canoes with my brother. I loved hearing about your salty adventures!
    I love all your blocks, too! That HST block would make a dandy RSC block for another year…


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