RSC16 week 23


On Wednesday. June 1, the first peonies, luscious pink, bloomed.  The first day lilies also opened.  Our garden is also filled with white daisies everywhere.  A beautiful start for my Wisconsin June.
I’m really excited about the color scheme of turquoise with lime green accents.  So my first block for the month is sailing along on a sweet breeze.

However, two of my major WIPs have now become flimsies except for white borders.  These are my Pinwheel Row quilts 1 and 2.  The first one was pretty much done a while back, using HSTs from a giveaway to make the larger pinwheel blocks.  I used two rows of them and added other rows and strips of little pinwheels.

I boxed up all the leftovers and forgot about them until last week.  Ahah!  Maybe I could add a good bit more to make a second one of the same size, about 42 x 42 inches.  When I unpacked the box I was really surprised to find two more complete pinwheel rows plus two extra blocks and other strip groups already done.  There were also plenty more of the small pinwheel strips.  In less than an hour I had the second top completely laid out.  Another half hour and it was all pieced, using every pinwheel block and strip.


Now I don’t know which one I prefer, maybe the second.  Both of them just happened as I went along and the pieces fell into place.   I’m planning to make more row quilts from now on. 
I hope to see what fun things all of you are doing this month. Join me for Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts

14 thoughts on “RSC16 week 23

  1. You sound like me! Why do we put things away when they are almost done? And how can we forget we have them? (don't answer that; I know why!) Cute quilts and no leftovers – that's a recipe for success.


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