RSC16 week 19


This little paper basket filled with some Hershey Kisses was hanging on my door early in the morning of May 1st.  Some kind person makes these for all 60 apartments in our senior housing every year. I’ve been here five years and this unknown stranger never forgets.
I have done very little quilting this week, but have treated myself outrageously.  Here is the sum total of my work this week.

Due to unexpected happenings I got only this little sailboat made.  The other two green fabrics have been cut for the Modern HST Sampler block which I hope will be done by next week.  The dark print is from Barbara Brackman’s William Morris collection. 
I think spring fever has gotten to me with tulips, magnolias and crab apples in bloom.
Also, because my birthday ending in a 5 came yesterday I simply had to do some online shopping at those convenient Mother’s Day sales.  
This wild bunch arrived from Hancock’s of Paducah first.  The one on the right is Mexican Poppies and the other three are from another designer, so fabulous on black.  I’ve no idea what I’ll use them for, just to gaze at and dream for a while.  All half price, of course.

That was followed by the arrival of this pack of 17 fat quarters from Connecting Threads, for about 24 dollars.  They sure are better than candy and yummier looking, aren’t they?

The final saving opportunity (splurge) were two gift certificates pour moi at Missouri Star’s one day sale   price.  Also my granddaughter called to ask what kind of cake I like best for birthday/Mother’s Day.  She is becoming an excellent baker and dark chocolate is her favorite as well as mine.
I hope you all have a happy Mother’s Day for yourself and/or your mothers or other wonderful mothers you know.
NOTICE:  Thanks in part to Kate at Smiles from Kate and a session with a local techie, I now have ACTUAL LINKS to Rainbow Scrap Challenge at soscrappy and with Blossom Heart Quilts at Blossom Heart Quilts 

14 thoughts on “RSC16 week 19

  1. Happy Birthday! I agree – fabric is much better than chocolates….. lasts longer too! Enjoy the dark chocolate cake for your Mothers Day/Birthday celebration. Just wanted you to know I always smile when I see those happy sailboat blocks on your blog.


  2. What a wonderful person to leave May day baskets for all the seniors! I thought that tradition died out. Looks like some gorgeous additions to the stash. Happy Birthday too!


  3. belated happy birthday some lovely fabrics you have treated yourself to.
    Wondering what hershey kisses are? Your sail boat looks good and I am sure your inverted block will soon be done, did mine yesterday.
    Chocolate cake sounds yummy


  4. Happy Birthday!!! Happy Mothers Day and enjoy the time with your new fabrics. I like the boat block in the collors of my country: Green and Yellow. Hugs


  5. That little sailboat is adorable and the dark green print is gorgeous. Your Mexican poppies are also gorgeous! Happy Birthday!
    –Nancy. (ndmessier @,


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