RSC16 week 17


This has been a catchup week for working on my self-commitment to six monthly blocks.  For Rainbow Scrap Challenge I’m doing .a twinkle star, a 16-patch at 8 Inches, a slab block of the same size and a slightly smaller sailboat.  They are all in the RSC monthly colors.  They just seem to have somehow added themselves of their own volition.  All of a sudden there they are saying “Me next!  Don’t forget about me.”

This slab block got me finally caught up for January.  I do enjoy these the most because they allow me to be inventive.
In addition, I am doing a Modern HST Sampler block every other week, also in the RSC colors.  As long as I have to drag out all my orange and brown scraps, I might as well go all the way with them.  These are 12-inch blocks, however, and should be a fine sampler quilt by year end.
This block was titled Intersection, using 16 HSTs.  I did not like the pattern arrangement when done in my fabrics, so I just moved them around to get this block.  I don’t know if it has a name.  If any of you know it, I would appreciate you telling me.  All you quilt history buffs and Dear Jane followers must know hundreds of them. 
Before he passed away a year ago, my son, Chris, and I used to take rides in the country and he especially loved old weathered barns.  When I learned there were many barn quilts to be seen in the next county, we started seeking them out with an excellent listing of all the Green County barn quilts. We only got to visit a few before winter set in, but here is a photo of one which we took with the owner’s permission.

I’m now hoping that I can carry on where Chris and I left off, by interpreting some of the barns and barn quilts I’ve seen in person or on Pinterest.  Thank you, Julie Sefton, for your inspiring book, BUILD-A-BARN, which I bought and am using to plan a ‘barn quilt’ barn quilt.  Julie, Quiltdivajulie, has a blog called and I highly recommend it for process not patterns.
 I hope you all have a colorful week.  I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts and WIPS BE GONE at A Qulting Reader’s Garden.

15 thoughts on “RSC16 week 17

  1. Paula I love the purple block and the Blossom Hearts one looks better your way, never thought about altering mine but will bear it in mind on the next ones. What a nice idea to make blcoks of the barn quilts


  2. A “barn quilt” barn quilt sounds like a great way to carry on the tradition that you and Chris started together! (Also, I am SEW glad that you are having fun with your Slab Blocks!! I love how they all seem to have a focal point in a special print.)


  3. The name of that block is Paula's block. A real cool slab block – I like that flower in the almost middle. Bet you feel close to Chris when you're off looking at barns. Thanks for the link and thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.


  4. The slab block is lovely, the blues and purple work well together and I love the way you fuss cut the flower, great focal point. I don't know the name of your block but it was a great idea to change it around. I am a strong believer that if you don't like a particular block you should change it rather than slavishly following a pattern, it's your quilt and you have to live with it. It's a lovely idea for the barn quilt, and, as Deb said, a wonderful tribute to your beloved son.


  5. Sorry about that, my comment got published before I was done writing! I just wanted to say how much I LOVE that purple block. SCRUMPTIOUS! What a wonderful time you must have had driving around looking at barns. I have a “thing” for old barns too and have been trying to collect pictures of the ones near where I live. I enjoyed your post.


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