RSC 16 week 12


The entire result of my piecing this week was only two blocks.  Life seemed to keep me away from my quilting.  One beautiful sunny afternoon I did get out to see the birds passing through.  It was my first sighting of cedar waxwings, a group of them flitting around a tree full of dried berries.  That was the best day of the week.
I did finish my purple with yellow slab block.  It is 8.5 inches, to mix in with my 16-patch blocks.  

The rest of the last couple of days was spent RIPPING AND ROARING.  I was making my third twinkler  block and had a nice selection of scraps picked out.  On the first blue one In Januarly I had cut and pieced the wrong fabric and had to rip it and replace it.  On the second one, brown and pink, I repeated the same mistake again.  I certainly did not learn that lesson.
This time I made sure I had the right fabrics for the right blocks, but I merrily stitched one set of them upside down.  Rip again times four.  Not the end. They were lined up wrong so two more ripped out.  And by this time I was so upset and anxious to finish that I ended up with at least two more rips.  
But I finally finished it as best I could just in time to get my photos taken.

I think I must have dyslexia of piecing, or whatever you call it.  I have not decided whether to continue making this block.  Maybe it’s a mental block block.  I do love those twinklers, so we shall see what April brings.  Have a good week everyone and much success in your efforts.

I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts.

11 thoughts on “RSC 16 week 12

  1. the slab block is so interesting, I do so like random made bocks. The twinkler star so worth persevering with you have more patience than me for getting it right, fingers crossed the next one if there is a next one goes together perfectly first time round.


  2. I envy you your cedar waxwing sighting. They don't come to my neck of the woods. And I just accept that a seam ripper is part of the process. As long as I sew a little more than I rip, I stay ahead of the game.


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