RSC16 week 7


This has been a tough week as far as piecing new blocks. I was so sure I could make a Twinkle Star block. On the first try I cut eight half triangle in the wrong fabric.  After cutting again (good practice) it took forever to find the correct orientation of the side triangles to the main one.  When the light finally dawned, it went fairly smoothly.  Thanks, Angela, for the good tutorial.
I was glad I chose the batiks for this color combo because they just flowed together perfectly.  When I recover I plan to do a blue one.
This Monday we received the new Lantern block for Modern HST Sampler from Blossom Star Quilts.  This 12-inch block used the eight at a time method for making HSTs.  It went very smoothly. Again I was happy with the brown and rose batiks. 
I have a slight hand tremor, which gets worse under stress.  This causes slipping when trying to cut or mark fabrics.  I do have good solutions for my rulers, but the marking is difficult.  I saw a sand board advertised, but all the sites on Google no longer are selling them.  So I found the easiest answer.
I bought a pack of three 9 x 11-inch fine 400 grit sandpaper sheets and they happen to have non slip backing.  So when I firmly set the sheet on my cutting board it stays put, and so does the fabric when I mark it. So simple and cheap!

All in all it has been a productive week, if you measure it in single blocks rather than multiple quilts.  I really ended up learning a lot.
I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts.

18 thoughts on “RSC16 week 7

  1. the twinkle star looks very complicated to make well done. Liking the lantern block the batiks are so nice, must start getting some by=ut they are hard to find.Sandpaper is a good idea. Have your seen the fiskers ruler and cutter all in one they sa it makes cutting much easier for you have problems with hands etc, a bit pricy but might be a big help to you, will be cheaper in USA than here too.


  2. Sounds like you're determined to not let a physical limitation get in your way — you go, Girl! I have been musing over how the twinkle star will look in brown. Glad to see yours with the pink which really makes it sparkle. Halfway through the month and I haven't even cut one yet. Better get crackin'….


  3. The lantern block is beautiful. The twinkle star block can be tricky till you figure which way is up but once you get going on them it's all downhill from there. I've heard about that sandpaper trick. Glad to hear it works.


  4. Your twinkle star block is just beautiful! I am so glad that you found a way to make it work. Great solution with the sandpaper. I have used a similar set up for template tracing in the past. So effective.


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