Sew Cute Tuesday February 9

Half of my bedroom is my sewing area ‘studio’.  I have lots of storage space.  I took the doors off the long closet and filled it with shelves.  In front of it I’ve added this rolling bin, a junk room find.  It holds my pre-cuts very nicely.  Rolls of fleece and other backings are on the lower shelves. 
To hide the upper shelves my SIL used paper clips and clamps for a chargeable wall hanging display.
My daughter brought over these two tall storage bin units, which fit neatly in a hall closet.  She labeled them for me.  They hold larger pieces by color sort and jelly roll strips.


My work area is condensed, but everything is at hand.  I love my custom sewing table with extra work space.  Beside it is an old office table used for pressing with an ironing pad, or for cutting, etc.  it’s also great for holding larger quilts during the quilting stage.  My small bookcase holds scraps sorted by size and color.  All my tools are within reach.  The green fabric bin on the floor holds WIPs and is lightweight to scoot out of the way.  Also, I love looking at my special quilts when I’m lying in bed.

In short, I have more sewing room in my one bedroom apartment than I’ve ever had before.

5 thoughts on “Sew Cute Tuesday February 9

  1. you have certainly got your room well organised Paula, I seem to have things in every room of the house including the downstairs loo no wonder I struggle to find things! Love the way you hang the quilts and what a delight to wake up and see them first thing in the morning


  2. wasn't that fun! I love to see where people sew. It's so stimulating to sew in your bedroom tho! Love a label, to remember at a glance where something is. If you put it away that is.


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