RSC16 week 5


This week has been productive in several projects.  The first is another of my quilts started long ago, now needing to be finished.  In this cold weather I have wanted an everyday quilt to use just as a throw.  Since 1980 I’ve been carrying around an unfinished quilt. 
When we moved from Sopkane, WA to Seattle, 300 miles away, I wanted an autograph quilt to take along.  My small quilting group made most of the blocks, using memory fabrics, including pieces from my first quilt made the year before.  I hand quilted it, but the border did not work out.  
This size was just right for my needs, so I trimmed off all the excess batting and bound it by rolling over the backing and zigzagging it on the front.  Nothing fancy, but full of memories of wonderful friends and family.  As you can see, it has RSC blue fabrics included, and it is nice and warm.

In addition to my RSC block done in week 3, I have finished the first two blocks for the Modern HST Sampler with Alyce at Blossom Star Quilts.
The first was the Candy block and the second Alyce calls Ninja, but I prefer Friendship Star.  I’m trying to use the blue and purple scheme, but choosing more modern fabrics.
Yesterday I was thrilled to receive my batik order from Hancock’s of Paducah.  It looks great with the sizzling strips, so I have to find some backing, maybe more of the batik, because I bought two yards.  However , it is too lovely to be used as a backing, I think.  Probably I’ll do a dark blue binding.  This photo shows the pieced squares laid on the batik, which was on sale, of course.
Looking forward to RSC16 new colors for February.  Do check it out at soscrappy.

18 thoughts on “RSC16 week 5

  1. An autograph quilt is such a treasure to have! Enjoy!
    Wonderful touch of purple in your blocks! And the batik quilt is stunning! Those 'sizzling' strips are turning into quite a 'sizzling' quilt! Beautiful!


  2. Congrats on finishing off your signature quilt. Your modern RSC blocks look great and so does your Sizzling Strips with that orange. Looking forward to seeing that one come together


  3. have not thought of finishing a quilt bringing the backing forward will bear that in mind, a lovely reminder of where you used to live ad old friends. HST project looing good, I am also planning on doing it but not sure what background fabric to use, wanting a dark one but still to decide. Batik fabric is a great match


  4. Wonderful idea for a memory quilt. Easy to see the signatures. Love those colors. Beautiful blue and purple blocks. The new fabric looks perfect with the Sizzling Strips top. I would use it for the backing.


  5. You have had a productive week, doesn't it feel good to finish a project up, especially when they have been around for a long time. Very pretty Candy block and Ninja blocks, love the blue and purple together.


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