RSC16 week 3


It is a sort of scary word because it involves change and the unknown, but without growth there is no life and that is its essence.
My Rainbow Scrap Challenge block was very frustrating this week.  I did not like the plain purple square set on point.  Looking at the work of others, I realized I needed something more graphic as a focal point.  After about five sessions of ripping, replacing and repairing, it finally looked right and decently pieced.

I have also linked up with the Modern HST Sampler by Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts.  It is as series of 24 lessons making 12-inch blocks increasing in difficulty.  Just what I need to get over my fear of HSTs and tricky piecing.  I’ve decided to do the blocks in RSC16 colors.  Here’s the first one.  This should help me to grow at a gentle pace.
More projects have popped up.  One is the blocks I showed last week, made about 20 years ago.  I was very surprised to receive a nice comment from Joy, saying they were from Margaret Miller’s book, Strips That Sizzle.  Then I recalled her prominence as a quilt expert in Seattle when I was quilting there. I must have done them to try her method, which is strong and dramatic.

I found 16 blocks, which look best on point, I think, and will make a nice wall hanging.

There’s still another project from the past to work on and I hope to share it next week.
I link up with RSC16 at soscrappy and Monday Making at Love, Laugh, Quilt.  Check out these great Linky parties.

19 thoughts on “RSC16 week 3

  1. I love all your blocks, but I do understand ripping and redoing! Sometimes it just has to satify you. And let's hear it for finishing up old projects! Those blocks will make a great wall hanging.


  2. Great job on the HST's! Your points look perfect. Such a pretty block you made in the first picture. That will be so fun to see as the year progresses. Have a great weekend.


  3. HSTs are a ton of fun to play with – enjoy your new adventure!
    I totally understand picking apart a block in order to do it over. The most important person to please with your work is yourself.


  4. you have such patience to unpick. Have just finished a quilt 30 blocks but did not look at the instructions only to find I should have rotated alternate blocks, needless to say it will stay the way it is unless you would care to unpick it!!


  5. Your first HST block looks great! I am hoping to follow along with the HST sampler just so I can get better and more accurate with my piecing, even I don't make her exact blocks. I like your RSC block also, with the blues and purples together.


  6. grow… wow! how do you see the word manifesting this year? Will you learn all aspects of the concept, bet you will. Be better than I was, and keep track of what you learn as it happens. LeeAnna


  7. I agree. Working with two complimentary colors each month will be nice this year. Love the big block. And the churn dash, too. Modern wall hanging piece coming together very nicely : )


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