RSC15, week 52


This year of quilt blogging has been a truly special year for me.  It got me started back in quilting again after about 20 years since my last quilt.  It’s been meeting so many kind and caring quilters plus giving me goals to work for and renewing my creativity.  

So I want to show you the last quilt I made back then, which had a great deal of meaning for me.  I call it Shekinah, the light of the presence of God dwelling with His people.

I cut each triangle separately and placed it on my design wall before piecing the first half and then duplicating it in reverse.  My goal was using the stars as the basis and turning some into crosses, as well as having the light glow from the center and fade outward.

I machine quilted it at 60×60 in one week in time for a show entry.  After that life intruded and I put away the machine.
Meanwhile this year is finishing well for me, which I hope to share with you next week as an end and onto the new year with more projects piling up quickly.  
I wish all you dear friends, and especially Angela, a happy and blessed New Year.
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8 thoughts on “RSC15, week 52

  1. Such a beautiful quilt. It is so wonderful that you are quilting again after all of these years and that life has allowed you to come back to share your talents and passions. Many wishes for a happy new year and many quilt filled days to come.


  2. I love your quilt! The colors just sparkle and radiate the light. So glad you were able to pull the machine out and share your wonderful talents with us all. May you have a healthy and happy 2016.


  3. you have certainly got the light radiating out from the centre and the crosses too come to life. So good that you have returned to quilting, if like me you will find it fulfilling. Happy new year to you too


  4. Wow, you really nailed the light effect on this one! I found this through Julie's Pink Doxies – a comment you left yesterday! I've always been fascinated by value, did lots of colourwash quilts back in the day, need to play around with that again! I hope the quilt won a prize.


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