RSC15 week 51


So much to do, so much to look forward to.  I was so happy this week when my five yards of Kona aqua arrived from Craftsy.  It’s going to make a fun backing for my 30 balloon blocks.

I’ve been busy piecing the rows with lime green sashing.  In fact, I got so excited adding side strips that I miscounted, attached too many and had to do a lot of ripping (they did not need a strip on both sides, only one.)  I’ve also made some progress on my secret gift, which takes priority for now. 

 I did not put up my little Christmas tree and entire Bethlehem village, just to keep things simple for me and my family without Chris. But one of my favorite antique quilts just speaks Christmas to me, so it comes out to enjoy.  It’s a log cabin Courthouse Steps done in some kind of heavy twill fabrics, probably from around 1900.  It is done in red, tan, navy, dark green and a black, peach and white print.

From my home to yours a blessed Christmas, memorable family times and a Happy New Year!
I link up with RSC15 at and Sew Cute Tuesday at   Come by and enjoy.

10 thoughts on “RSC15 week 51

  1. how special to have the log cabin quilt! A real connection between you and a quilter who worked many hours to make something for her family to enjoy. Wonder who she was??? Do you suppose it's hand pieced? I have a treadle machine from great granny, who got a machine as soon as she could. Granny wouldn't use it because she sewed through her finger, so she let little 8 year old me use it and now I have it. LeeAnna


  2. What a wonderful Log Cabin quilt, sits beautifully on the chair. I can understand your decision to go without the tree and trimmings but I do hope you and yours family are able to enjoy Christmas and have happy memories.


  3. the turquoise i spot on lovely. The quilt looks so good on the chair and and good to see someone is sitting on it! Thinking of you this Christmas and wishing you peace Chris would not want you to be sad but to celebrate the birth of Jesus


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