Sew Cute Tuesday, December 15


Well, yesterday broke the December record high temp, in the 50’s here in Madison, WI. But Christmas is coming soon and I’m working on a surprise project for someone special.  It is my first kit project ever, from the Kaliedescope collection at Connecting Threads.  I really love the rich colors and the feature print.  The directions are clear and I was able to streamline the process, so the major portion is finished.

I did end up substituting the green for a drab olive print and the teal for a much darker blue that gave no contrast to the star points.  I was so happy that those star points are showing.

Finally I have started on the balloon block sashing.  I’m using 2-inch cut strips.  I got the green print on a great sale, and here is the first photo of all 30 blocks laid out.  There will also be horizontal sashing and a wider border of the lime green.

One more important detail, the backing.  I looked online and found more of the balloon print available.  But the price would be more than I spent on the whole quilt.  Fortunately I found a great bright turquoise Kona solid at Craftsy’s sale, a 5-yard piece for  about $22 plus free shipping.  I have about 8 extra balloon squares, so I can do something fun on the back.  That’s how I like to do things, for fun.

I link up with RSC15 at and Sew Cute Tuesday at Please join us there.

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