RSC 15 week 49


This week I’ve been able to make some progress on my balloons quilt.  The lime green fabric I ordered finally arrived and is exactly what I wanted at a great price.  I also squared up the 30 blocks to make a 5×6 block setting.  Here I laid some out on the uncut fabric.  Most of you who commented to me said the lime was the best color choice for sashing, so here’s the proof you were right.

I had wanted to make a disappearing 9-patch quilt for a long time. This was the result, as I posted in week 46.  It started with two charm packs based on butterflies and flowers, plus some batiks.
I finished making this butterfly quilt as a surprise for a very dear friend many miles away.  I knew she followed my blog, so I had to be careful what I posted about it.

  It had been a secret until Monday when it arrived at her post office.  She got the package and called me on the phone before she opened it, so we could share the moment together.  Her surprise and happiness overwhelmed her and she cried so much that she couldn’t read the inscription. I was in tears as well.  She has been a faithful friend for more than 30 years and totally deserved it.

On Tuesday I received these photos from her.


That’s the very best part of quilting, all the reward we need.

I link up with RSC15 at and Sew Cute Tuesday at Come check them out, so many nice folks share their projects.

14 thoughts on “RSC 15 week 49

  1. Lime green is absolutely perfect. It will be such a happy quilt. A 30 year friendship is so special and so hard to maintain at a distance. Your quilt will remind your friend just how special she is every day.


  2. Awww… Good for you for making your friend so happy she cried. 8)
    I'm not normally a big fan of lime, but it really is the perfect color to sash those blocks! Such a happy happy quilt!


  3. Lime is a great Neutral, as you have so beautifully shown. Your friend is so lucky to have you, as you are, I’m sure, to have her. And nothing says love like a beautiful, specially-made quilt. You rock!


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