Sew Cute Tuesday, November 24


This weekend I finally completed my matched pair of Fruits and Veggies table runners.  I started out with giveaway fabric pieces and added gold sashing strips.  The piece was so wide that I cut the whole thing in half lengthwise to make two table runners.  That was posted on Sew Cute Tuesday Nov. 3.

Then I realized that I knew of two lovely women who deserved a thank you gift for Thanksgiving. So I scrounged through my stash and found a yards-long valence with an African motif in fall colors.  It was also wide enough to use for backing and binding. 
Even the batting for both was made from leftovers.  Recently in one of my online shopping sprees I had bought a 1.5-inch wide roll of Heat Press Batting Together, which worked beautifully on the Warm and White pieces. 
I worked like crazy over the past few days to get them done for yesterday’s giveaways.  Both friends were really surprised and delighted beyond my expectations.  

Best wishes to all you dear friends for a very blessed Thanksgiving.
I link up with RSC15 at and Sew Cute Tuesday at  Please check out all the great projects there.

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