RSC15 week 45


About twenty years ago I made a wall quilt which I called Sunlight.  It was the third in a series using an unnamed asymmetric block from a Michael James book.  I loved the movement in this block, and in this quilt I accentuated the diagonals of rays of sunlight in the woods.  I used basically greens and yellows, with a lot of lime as well as bits of orange and purple.  I learned a lot about color by trying out each one.  Any color made with added white or black was too dull and stood out like a sore thumb, so out it went.

As you can see in the closeup, I used all types of fabric from velvets to satin ribbons. The leaf print is from a thrift shop 1960’s silk sheath dress, which was just the perfect touch I was missing.  Since then I have always been drawn to clear bright colors.

I have been busy quilting another project this week, but will get started on some new lime greens soon.   
I link up with RSC15 at and Sew Cute Tuesday at  Do come and enjoy what folks are doing.

16 thoughts on “RSC15 week 45

  1. Oh I LOVe this quilt! those bands of “sunlight” really shine through it! I used to have one of Michael James' book–lent it to someone and never got it back…I always thought he had such great ideas….lovely job hugs, Julierose


  2. Paula this is amazing; you've captured the essence of sunlight through trees in summer. I've copied your photo to serve as inspiration; I won't be copying your quilt, but I want to work out that block.


  3. this quilt has not dated at all, lovely. I have not tried using other fabrics still just cotton. When I made my first ever block I did buy poly cotton to try thinking of cost but that was much harder to manipulate than cotton so since then always cotton


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