RSC15 week 44


As far as brown goes, I have no more new projects in the works with brown that you have not seen.  However, there is a lovely pot of brown on my deck that has not died off yet.  It was a Mothers Day gift from my family and I have enjoyed the coleus, begonia and sweet potato vine combo all summer.  I even saw a hummingbird trying its flowers for nectar, and just an hour ago two birds were checking it out.  So it has given pleasure to many.

Now this new month excites me, not only for the light green, but for a book that has me ready to get started on another WIP to join the crowd.  However, I really do intend to get the quilting and binding done on the butterfly quilt, which is staring me in the face.  You all are my witnesses to this promise.

The 9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros is the book I got on sale that has me hooked, and look what I found in my stash!  The perfect feature fabric for 12-inch squares and a nice blending fabric for the patches.  This is going to be FUN.  We will have to wait and see if I can keep my hands off it.
    Meanwhile, a happy November to all of you dear folks.

14 thoughts on “RSC15 week 44

  1. that looks like some great fabric! I've never made one of those quilts, but they sure look fun! I've seen some of them in person, and they really pop- especially with wise fabric choices…


  2. Good luck with your new projects, and enjoy the plants while you still can. I keep expecting winter to appear; we would normally have had several nights of frost by now, and yet it's still an Indian Summer here.


  3. oh 9-patch pizazz is WAY FUN. My sewing group did this together and each quilt was different and interesting and we all finished our projects which says a lot. It's a perfect design for large scale prints. Have lots of fun, maybe I should make another one along with you. LeeAnna


  4. very tempted by the book you are using, popped over to Amazon and it ranges in price from £5.80 o over £2000!!! maybe I will be tempted by £5.80, they also have her rectangle pizzazz will have a little think! Fabric looks interesting, hope to see progress on the quilt soon. Green is my favourite colour so will watching what you do with. it Plant is lovely too and lucky you to have hummingbirds visit it.


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