RSC15 week 41


Here is a quilt for my son, Chris, which I began when he was in college.  He wanted a black quilt, but I said, “No way.”  I decided on dark blue with a simple Amish style pattern.  I got it almost quilted when he got engaged and married.  She had a different color scheme planned, so I put it away all these years.  He lived through cancer and a divorce, then side effects in recent years.  I hoped to finish it for him, but he passed away in April at age 47.  

    Not long ago I read about Cynthia Brunz’s idea for volunteers to finish a quilt for another.  I took the quilt to my local Monona Quilters and one of the members very kindly offered to finish the hand quilting and binding the quilt for me.

Here is the cable border and finished hand quilting beautifully done by Laura Gottlieb.

This quilt will be my small tribute to Chris, who was taken too soon.  I am grateful to have this new community of caring quilting friends, both near and far, who have helped me to focus on a way to give of myself and my talents now and in the future.

I have been working on this piece with shades of brown and other gorgeous colors.  I added a gold strip to the top of each 7-inch strip by WOF.  Here they are folded because my first idea was a tablecloth, but am thinking now about making two table runners.  Slow but steady on this one.

I’m also pinning my butterfly quilt tomorrow and will start the quilting.  It is more of a cuddle size, so it will not be a huge job.   Lots of WIP.  
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10 thoughts on “RSC15 week 41

  1. oh my word. I am so sorry about your son… and so touched by the connection you'll make giving this quilt to another. You connected with the hand quilter, all of us, and the person receiving it. LeeAnna


  2. how tragic that your son was taken so young. This is a lovely quilt in his memory. I am not sure if you are keeping it I do so hope you do. The table runner/cloth works so well with the gold strips.So good that you have found so many quilting buddies. Take care my friend and the Lord bless you


  3. Thank you for sharing the story of this beautiful quilt. I was sorry to hear of your loss. I'm happy your found a wonderful group of quilters to help finish this quilt. Quilting friends are the best.


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