RSC week 40


Brown has finally turned up for our Rainbow Scrap Challenge, a month I have been dreading.  I have been wondering how to combine it with my bright primary balloon blocks, while brown is a mix of other colors. So I dug deep into my batik stash to try to find some brown pieces that would work well with them.  I’m still not sure what to do.
Here are three different groups of fabrics to consider.
1.  These are more or less dull brown tones, but there is a pretty good range from dark to light.

2.  This group is brighter and busier overall.

3.  This final group is softer, not as bright, but stronger in saturation.

So I will be thinking about this for awhile.  Any thoughts? 
    Meanwhile, I am working with a fun group of veggie and fruit fabrics, all WOF, and golden yellow strips to separate them.  This photo was before I trimmed the width to 7-1/2 inches, essentially a row design.  I love these prints that came from the group giveaway table.
Finally, one more photo as a clue to my posts on Throwback Thursday.  I hope that you

Will have a chance to check out my blog itself for Throwback Thursday on Sept. 24 and Oct.1 to see what these little men are up to.  It is a three part suspense story, so take a look.
I link up with RSC15 at, Sew Cute Tuesday at and Throwback Thursday at   Hope you will join me.

17 thoughts on “RSC week 40

  1. Paula, my preference is the fabrics in the first photo, but not the two lighter ones. Drop the bubbles and the squizzles from group 3 into group 1, and that would be perfect!


  2. Group 3, I think, but I'd also try a pick-at-random arrangement pulled from the whole collection. But I'm a fan of random (i.e.: don't make me decide) so take it for what it's worth… 8)


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