Throwback Thursday, October 1

The isolated men you saw last week are making progress in their life adventure.  In fact, they have gotten together and decided to journey to Africa, where they are anxious to see the wildlife.
A small group are braver and move on ahead to get closer to some giraffes.  The rest are waiting at a distance.  There are stitched sight lines to indicate who is looking where.  Can you follow the lines to see who is watching whom?  

Perhaps you need to look more closely.  Who is hiding in the bushes?

Can you see the zebras on the left?  They are looking everywhere. The men in front are looking only at the giraffes and the others are watching the men in front.  So none of the men look to the right to see the leopard hiding and watching those men in the distance.  What will happen next?
I have named this quilt OBSERVATION.  Check back next week to see who is continuing on.  
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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, October 1

  1. what an interesting quilt so much to see and look out for.I am being tempted into buying some safari fabric that I have seen on line with elephants, etc on it is the nearest I will get to a safari!


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