Throwback Thursday September 24


Do any of you remember this fabric from the eighties, row after row of these stuffy-looking gentlemen?

This fabric was the starting point for a series of three wall hanging quilts.  I bought about 1/4 yard at the time and then wished I had more.  
I found a book, don’t remember the title, about designing your own quilts by using various sizes of blocks arranged in a balanced way.  I found some dark blue, maroon and other muted colors for the blocks.  I used one man for the center of the feature blocks, then strips or nine patch for the rest.  
As I studied it I realized there was a word which explained the state of these men, of so many people in general.  So I named it ISOLATION.

The back side is pieced out of leftovers, and I put in a small row of men as well, no longer isolated completely. 

There are two more quilts in the series.  Come back next week to find out what happens to the little men.
I link up with RSC15 at, Sew Cute Tuesday at and Throwback Thursday at  Come over and check them out.

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