Sew Cute Tuesday, August 31


I took this pinned quilt to show at our group meeting this morning.  I thought you would enjoy seeing how easy and cheerful it is. I start by buying kiddy fleece blankets, size 50 x 60, on sale.  This becomes the basis for my theme and color scheme.  I love the cute candies on the pink fleece. 

The top is only a couple of charm packs and white Jellyroll strips in between, each row just staggered.  No picky piecing for me.  The pink border made it very close to the size of the fleece blanket backing, where you can see the machine stitched edge.  I will cut that off and bind it with the green, which is from a whole Jellyroll that I bought for bindings. 
So, no pieced backing, no separate batting and I am going to machine tie it with a wide zigzag at zero, which make a neat little bump. Will do those in pink, in the center of each block.  I use a walking foot and there is no problem with lumping or anything on the back.  What could be easier?

This quilt will be a charity quilt for Project Linus, which is one of several local groups to receive our quilts twice a year, the next one in October.  I know it will make some little girl feel special.

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3 thoughts on “Sew Cute Tuesday, August 31

  1. Hi Paula! This is a cute and sweet baby quilt! Great idea to use a lovely fleece blanket for backing. I hand quilt, so this would be easy and way to save materials which I can't find easily. Greetings from a Finnish quilter living in Greece! x Teje


  2. This will be so cosy and I am sure well loved.
    I really like the idea of fleece backing as I am finding backings such a problem to find, shame they do not make them wider though as the thought of piecing backings is so off putting, think I am rather lazy by nature! Once I have the flimsy seem to lose interest in finishing off the quilt


  3. Thank you, Teje. Unfortunately, fleece is very hard to penetrate with a needle. I hand knotted and tied my first one and had to use pliers to pull the needle through the fleece. Flannel would be a better choice for hand quilting if you want only a lightweight quilt. Keep up your great work!


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