Throwback Thursday, August 20


Here is a quilt for my son, Chris, which I began when he was in college.  He wanted a black quilt, but I said, “No way.”  I decided on dark blue with a simple Amish style pattern.  I got it almost quilted when he got engaged and married.  She had a different color scheme planned, so I put it away all these years.  He lived through cancer and a divorce, then side effects in recent years.  I hoped to finish it for him, but he passed away in April.  

    Last week I read about Cynthia Brunz’s idea for volunteers to finish a quilt for another.  I took the quilt to my local Monona Quilters on Monday and one of the members very kindly offered to finish the quilt so it could be donated to a local charity called Road Home.  This group provides housing for homeless families.  I am so very grateful that it will go to a family who really needs it.  Chris was a very generous person and would have appreciated that.


This quilt will be my small tribute to Chris, who was taken too soon.  I am grateful to have this new community of caring quilting friends, both near and far, who have helped me to focus on a way to give of myself and my talents now and in the future.
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7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, August 20

  1. so sorry to read your son Chris has passed away, losing a son or daughter must be so hard to bare/bear?. Sorry could not decide on the bare bear.

    This is a lasting memory and how nice someone is going to finish it for you and I know it will be well appreciated by the family it goes to


  2. Anonymous

    I am truly sorry for your loss and am touched that you can still think of the needs of others at such a time. This quilt is a beautiful tribute to your son Chris


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