RSC15 week 32

 This has been a hectic week for me.  One thing that took extra time was linking up with Krista Quilts for   Throwback Thursday.  It is a fun place to share your projects done way back when or even more recently.  I posted a photo of a Christmas tree skirt I made for my daughter’s December wedding 20 years ago.  Hope you will check that out.

   As for indigo, I found a lot of it is in my D9P top, so that counts for this week. I loved using my new rotating Olfa mat for cutting the blocks.  The partial layout below shows the indigo prints.  My granddaughter helped with the layout.  There is no one else around here who can crawl around on the floor!
have pieced the first two of ten rows of 8 blocks. Since it is basically a random layout, I have to keep referring to my photos.  Even doing that, I got a couple of blocks out of place.  But being random, who cares?  
The balloon blocks got passed by in my excitement with this new project and here it is the end of the week.  I hope you have all had a productive week.
I link up with RSC15 at, Sew Cute Tuesday at and Throwback Thursday at

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