Throwback Thursday, August 6


My lovely daughter and her husband celebrated their 20th anniversary last December.  I had been quilting for several years then and decided to make them a tree skirt for their first Christmas together.  She had been an avid seamstress since her early teens and had made bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses for friends.  I had no such experience, but had saved many scraps from all our sewing projects.  
Her favorite colors were rose and green.  I chose fabrics from all our memorable projects for the tree skirt, including the green satin from her own bridesmaid dresses.  (She did buy her own gown.)  I just made a large circle and a pattern for the segments.  It was easy to strip piece each segment and then join them.  The binding was also from the bridesmaid green satin.

Neèdless to say, the skirt is filled with many memories for both of us. I love seeing it under her tree every year, a real family treasure, and she still uses her rose and crystal decorations on the tree.
I am very happy to have this chance on Throwback Thursday to share this great memory.   Thank you, Krista here at  I also link up with RSC15 at and Sew Cute Tuesday at

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