RSC15 week 31


I was happy to learn that indigo is the color for August.  I collect antique quilts and am interested in learning about natural dyes used in the past.  Barbara Brackman’s excellent posts about old colors has been a great education for me.  I recommend checking out her blog, Civil War Quilts. (Sorry, I have not yet been able to link up with others on my posts.)  
  After hunting through my stash I found this group of indigo batiks. I like the playfulness of some, which will go well with my balloon blocks.

I think I’m becoming a real quilter.   All of a sudden I have three WIPs.  The photo below shows the first step in making blocks for a D9P.  It is a surprise for a friend, who truly deserves the comfort of a quilt.  I had some charm packs on hand and found out that these contain her favorite colors.

I am also helping another friend to design her own table runner, using a nice packet of Bali Snaps in her favorite colors.  I also have one Project Linus flimsy which needs to be backed and quilted.  So I am trying to put in some daily time on these projects, and I’m now looking forward to that each day.  One more thing is dreaming up a plan for a girl quilt using Cyndy’s giveaway fat quarters.
   Thanks to all of you for your hints, help and encouragement.  You are such a great bunch!
I link up here at RSC15 and at Sew Cute Tuesday.  

10 thoughts on “RSC15 week 31

  1. Of course, you're a REAL quilter!!! How's the granddaughter quilt coming? It looks like you have a nice bunch of INDIGO bits for your Balloon Blocks. Good luck with your D9P for a friend… SEW sweet of you!!


  2. not sure what you mean re a real quilter as you make some lovely things and not from a pattern but you are also designing. I am not a blue person but your blocks look lovely. I have 4 quilts in the flimsy stage now and 3 in the all blocks made stage just need sewing together!I put the flimsies on my blog to shame myself into layering them up etc but it has not worked!


  3. The D9P block was my first bee exchange. I think they chose it because it was a simple block and I was a new quilter – seriously, they had to teach me about a quarter-inch seam! That said, the blocks were fun to make, and great fun to play with once they were cut up. This is a great project to get you going, and I look forward to seeing your progress with it!


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