Sew Cute Tuesday, July 28


This quilt was originally intended to be a Project Linus quilt.  My good friend found out she was going to be a new grandma and wanted me to make her one just like it.  I told her I could never duplicate it, being a jelly roll random mix.  So I surprised her by finishing it in time for the birth of her darling granddaughter last Christmas.
   I tried out the 3 Dudes pattern to give it lots of movement and was very happy with the color mix. I backed it with a fleece kids’ blanket in pink with cupcakes and other sweets in the same colors.

 My next project is another girl quilt for Project Linus, which just needs to be backed and quilted.  Having this Sew Cute Tuesday spot to share my projects keeps me going.

One thought on “Sew Cute Tuesday, July 28

  1. I rather like this pattern, is it random or can I find it somewhere on the internet. I can now work out how some blocks are constructed being qulte new to quilting but this one baffles me


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