RSC15 week 30


This month has been momentous for me in my quilting journey.  In addition to doing my red balloon blocks, I finished my granddaughter’s quilt in time for her 14th birthday on the 17th.  It was the only bed sized quilt I have done since my first quilt for my daughter, Sarah’s mom, when she was 14.  That was before precuts, rotary strip cutting and mats.  I must have been crazy, or just innocent, to have done that first one.
  This rainbow zigzag quilt was Sarah’s choice, to match her room painted in rainbow colors and Beatles themes.   She made various choices along the way, even to the diagonal quilting done on my home machine.  
   On Monday she came to our Monona Quilters group and talked about her room.  She said that the quilt itself is the brightest thing in there.  She even took it with her to curl up beside her mom that evening.

For my red contribution to RSC15 I finished these red balloon blocks and have started on a couple of other projects.  One is a disappearing nine patch using charm squares, but softer colors.  The other is using the group of fat quarters I won in Cyndy’s giveaway, lovely modern patterns which will take me in a new direction. 

I enjoy linking with RSC15 and Sew Cute Tuesday each week, a and hope you will go see them.

8 thoughts on “RSC15 week 30

  1. fun that you made one for her mom and her at the same age! The rainbow quilt is so cool, and that her room has many colors too. My kind of gal. Beatles too? all you need is love.


  2. What a heartwarming event! How wonderful to hear your granddaughter talk about her room and the quilt you made for her. Pretty special that both she and her mom received bed quilts from you at about the same age.


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