RSC15 week 29

Red month is here, so finally I can show my IPAD CARRYING BAG.    I made it about a year ago from a decorator fabric swatches giveaway at our quilt group.  I have a hard time holding heavy things, like the iPad case you can buy.  This is much lighter and can be used as a regular purse.  Each piece is made from a different sample, and each is lined to prevent fraying.  Notice the leopard lurking inside the pocket. I can carry my phone, keys, etc without scratching the iPad screen. Also it is reversible.

This bag serves me well.  I did not use a pattern, just made it to fit the iPad.  I love it, but am not inclined to make any more bags for now.
 I still have not gotten the balloon blocks done, but I DID FINISH Sarah’s birthday quilt.  Hooray!  Just in time for her birthday.  

10 thoughts on “RSC15 week 29

  1. thanks for your lovely comment Paula; I am so sorry you lost your son…life can be so sad some times….it must be so difficult as it's supposed to be us “older ones” who go first. My condolences. Thanks for the encouraging words…hugs, Julierose


  2. Great idea and pretty decorator samples. I think I might have some somewhere around here too. I might have to make a bag…but maybe for Kindle since I have no Ipad!


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