RSC15 week 28


Here is a recap of my RSC15 balloon blocks, which have not got the red yet.

The red blocks will have to wait until next week because I have been working hard for my deadline of the 17th for Sarah’s 14th birthday.  My quilt group helped by pinning it at our Monday meeting.  As you can see below, I am in the middle of quilting the zigzag rainbow 72 x 90 quilt, using my Huskystar with a 6-inch throat opening. 

Sarah has been helping with the design and chose the yellow back, Kona canary, which we both love.  She also suggested diagonal quilting, which has turned out to be the easiest choice with my machine.  I only have to squeeze the diagonal corner through on the longest runs.  The close ups show the 10-inch spaced quilting lines.  I used Warm and White batting after good advice.  I have to use large pins in order to get them open easily.  

It took only two hours to get half done and it went very smoothly with only one false start to rip out.  So I am very happy with my progress up to now.

9 thoughts on “RSC15 week 28

  1. What a beautiful rainbow quilt! The yellow backing is so happy and bright — just right for your quilt. Great work on the quilting. It can be the hardest part for sure. So nice that you have basting buddies. It can be tedious alone, but with friends everything is better.


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