RSC15 week 27


It’s been a busy quilting week for me. It’s also been beautiful weather, not yet in the 80’s. Happily I am on schedule to have the zigzag rainbow quilt pinned at our group meeting on Monday.  So here is part of the red streak for July.  It has been a lot of fun matching up the various fabrics and some colors are not as easy as others, red being one, because it doesn’t have a very wide range from light to dark.

Below is the top third of the rainbow so far.  I’m so happy that I promised this to Sarah, my granddaughter, for her birthday on the 17th.  The charity quilts are very gratifying to make, but then I say goodbye to them.  This will be around for many years, I hope.
I link up with Angela at Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and with Alyce at Sew Cute Tuesday.

13 thoughts on “RSC15 week 27

  1. Great progress. I know what you mean about the red…I have a lot of red and black fabric that can work for very dark…but that doesn't work in every quilt.


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