RSC15 week 26

NEWS FLASH!   Flock of pink flamingos spotted in Wisconsin senior living complex, nibbling on whatever is in the garden.  This is the third year these intrepid fliers have ventured to this very spot.  Some residents are suspicious that pranksters are at work.  However, they do bring lovely color to the garden and seem happy to remain, so no charges will be made at this time.


My balloon blocks are not challenging like the star blocks that Angela has suggested each month.  But this Rainbow Challenge has meant so much to me in other ways, like the discipline of a post deadline each week.  The posting has taught me so much about blogging, with lots of frustration included, but having success with them is great. (Not right now, since I just accidentally deleted the final draft of this post and am redoing it.) 
However, the best thing has been meeting so many wonderful, talented and giving people.  Each one of you has given me something, especially Angela.  So many, many thanks and blessing to all.

Here are my 18 blocks, which I am enjoying so much.  I plan to make at least one Project Linus quilt when finished, and have just come across a fleece blanket a possible backing. What do you think?

I link up with RSC15 and Sew Cute Tuesday, both fun places.

7 thoughts on “RSC15 week 26

  1. Pink plastic are such fun. I love your colorful, happy blocks.
    Me and my sewing machine have issues when sewing fleece. Skipped stitches, uneven feed, stretching. I know it must be me.


  2. I have used a walking foot since I began sewing fleece. In fact, since I read it is recommended, I have used it for all my sewing projects and have had no problems. Have you tried it? I did test a sample of flimsy and fleece first, of course. Good luck with solving those problems.


  3. Love the flamingoes. Such a cute little pick me up. The quilt blocks are really coming along well! The colors are fabulous. Congratulations on figuring out the whole blogging thing. Even with a few struggles at the begining, you have accomplished so much! So happy to have you as part of the rainbow scrap challenge.


  4. There's a flock of pink flamingos that appear occasionally around here too. So far they've only landed in the yards of my local quilt guild members. Hmmm! I know what you mean about the RSC providing more than one challenge. It's nice not to have to think too hard about what to make each week but at the same time you want something that will hold your interest. And then there's the blogging… Ah well, it's all good in the end!


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